K . B  P R O   B R O W S

M I C R O B L A D I N G  T R E A T M E N T

With K.B Pro Brows, you can be the compassionate creative you’ve always wanted to be… and reap the rewards this advanced level of microblading artistry commands.

K.B Pro Brows takes microblading to the next level. Learn to create individual eyebrow hairs, by hand, using the patented K.B Pro Glider hand tool, implanting specialist K.B Pro pigments into the dermal layer of the skin to make the very finest of ‘hair’ strokes. The results are amazingly realistic, but it’s not a skill you can master in a one-day workshop. There’s a fine art to brow art and we’re here to teach you.


C O L O U R S   Y O U   C A N   T R U S T

When skin is your canvas and your goal is perfectly natural-looking results, you need better-than-the-best pigments and tools. So when Karen Betts couldn’t find products that fully satisfied her need for complete control of colour and ultrafine detail, she decided to make her own.

Launched in 2015, K.B Pro has very quickly become the UK’s top-selling pigment range, giving permanent cosmetics and microblading artists the power to take their art to the next level. A beautiful palette of 60 brow, eye, lip and corrector pigments give the discerning artist all the choice they desire.


• Longer-lasting colours with more natural fade

• Easy-glide formula that promotes superfine accuracy

• More stable mixes allow for higher definition

• Achieve truer healed colours with much less retouching required

• Tools that feel great in your hand and improve stability

• Comprehensive training to take your skills to the next level